San Simeon Merlot expresses rich flavors of blackberry and cassis. Aromas of black fruit greet the nose, while barrel-aging contributes nuances of brown sugar and oak spices. Well-integrated tannins offer texture and a plush mouthfeel. A small percentage of Petit Verdot was added for additional complexity.

Along California’s Central Coast, the Paso Robles appellation of San Luis Obispo County provides an ideal climate for growing Merlot. A dry climate with warm days allows for complete maturation of the grapes and creates ripe fruit flavors. The maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean creates very cool nights, which preserve the natural acid balance of the grapes.

During 2014, the weather was ideal with a long growing season that provided great “hang time” for the grapes. Winemakers Anthony Riboli and Aranud Debons work closely with multiple vineyards from various districts within Paso Robles. Prior to fermentation, all lots undergo a “cold soak” for at least three days to obtain dark color and fresh aromas. Multiple pumpovers with délestage (rack and return) extract full flavors and balanced tannins. New oak barrels compliment the ripe fruit flavors of the grapes.