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San Simeon Stormwatch – Winter Beef Short Rib Stew Wine Pairing

December 15

There are few things that can warm you up from the inside out during these crisp winter months, and we’re sharing two of our favorites with you here! This winter beef short rib stew pairs perfectly with our San Simeon Stormwatch; it’s the ultimate artisan wine pairing for these chilly winter nights. San Simeon Stormwatch […]

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Expand Your Palate With San Simeon Pinot Noir

September 13

Did you know that there are over 10,000 wine varietals!? With so many options, selecting one to help expand your palate can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, San Antonio Winery can help you out. We have the perfect wine for you; one that is delicate yet distinct and complex: San Simeon Pinot Noir. San Simeon […]

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August 13

Many of things we like are determined by where they come from, especially when it has to do with food and drinks.  The region influences the end product and when you get the right people behind the process, the outcome can be pretty spectacular.  That’s what you’ll find with San Simeon Wines! Each bottle is […]

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It’s Not A Race, But There Is A Winner

July 30

As you know, winemaking is an art and not one that can be rushed. There are many components that make a bottle of wine one you want to buy over and over again. Such things as where the grapes were picked, the climate and terrain of the region, handpicking out the bad grapes, soaking them, the type […]

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Jam Just Got Fancy

July 29

Fruity jams taste great but fruit jams with wine are so much better!  It might even make your grandmother jealous. The Cabernet  Strawberry and Blueberry Sauce recipe made with our Cabernet Wine from San Simeon Wines modernizes the traditional jam and will excite your taste bud.  So let’s get sippin’ and mixin’.   INGREDIENTS: One […]

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Let Yourself Be Tempted

July 27

You’re invited to try out our Chardonnay Wine from the San Simeon Wines Collection. We bet you’ve already heard about Chardonnay Wines but they all have their specificity and their flavors. Even if you don’t like Chardonnay Wines, one day you could love ours. The only way to know is to taste it! If you […]

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Travel Between Acidity and Smoothness

July 14

Do you want to have a star in your wine collection? You will have the chance to show off in front of your friends with this one. The star is Viognier Wine, one of the San Simeon Wines. It is well known because, thanks to our winemakers, it became an award-winning wine. From the San […]

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Celebrate in Class this 4th of July

July 2

It will be a weekend to remember, and San Simeon wines will have you celebrating in class.  This award-winning collection is a sure crowd pleaser.  Syrah wines are deep reds that have a plush mouthfeel and a lengthy finish.  If you want to invite elegance to your party, have San Simeon Syrah make an appearance.

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Just like being by the Campfire

June 25

High-quality wines will often transport you to a familiar place.  The distinct tastes and fragrances sink into your senses and spark up memories.  Like summer eves spent in the woods, breathing in the great outdoors and nestling by campfires.  San Simeon Pinot Noir does just that with its aromas of oak spice and flavors of […]

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Take A Walk Along The California Coast

June 25

The great thing about wine is each bottle is like a teleporter; it ignites your senses and transports you to different places around the world. The climate of the region, minerals in the soil and richness of the land can be tasted through the grapes of every region. San Simeon epitomizes what makes the California […]

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